Gambia: Parliamentary, local govt election dates out

APA-Banjul (The Gambia)

Gambia’s Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has revealed the dates for National Assembly and Local government elections which will fall in April.

In a statement seen by APA on Tuesday, the IEC chairman Aliau Momar Njai said the dates for the election of the next generation of parliamentarians to occupy the National Assembly is set for Thursday April 6.

The National Assembly comprises 53 seats five of which 5 are nominated by the sitting president. 

According to IEC chairman Njai, the Local Government polls will be conducted on 12 April 2018, to complete the country’s full election cycle which began with the 2016 vote for the presidency.

Njai reminded Gambians that holding such elections is in accordance with section 96 of the 1997 constitution.

The first poll in Gambia’s latest election cycle was held on December 1 to elect a new president and produced a shock defeat for then incumbent Yahya Jammeh.

The 51-year-old who had ruled Gambia since a bloodless coup in 1994 had initially conceded defeat.

However, his dramatic U-turn to challenge the poll outcome, which was rebuffed by the IEC head plunged the country into a protracted political crisis.

Diplomatic pressure as well a regional threat to apply force by Ecowas eventually led to him stepping down and fleeing into exile in Equatorial Guinea last month.  


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