Gambian orator urges Liberians to maintain peace, stability


The Founder and President of Saballay Leadership Academy (SLA) in Gambia, Momodou Saballay, has urged Liberian youths to remain committed to upholding the peace and stability of their country.

Speaking at the 45th Anniversary of the Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY) on Wednesday in Monrovia, Saballay said: “Liberia is an emblem of resilience for the entire black race; they have conquered all and there should be no challenges they cannot face.”

“Over the years many lives were taken in order to bring the peace that Liberia is enjoying today and it is the responsibility of all Liberians to preserve their peace and not for any reason be taken for granted,” Saballay added.

He noted that the future of young people lies in their hands:” there is no recovery of progress in the development of time lost and disease when there is no peace and stability”.

“Young people should embark on the enforcement of non-violence and peaceful approach through dialogue” Saballay stated.

He admonished youth leaders and inspiring leaders to do publicly whatever they do to avoid violence and get more engaged in the interest of the true vision of their organization in embracing the positivism and dream of their organization.

He pointed out that true leaders are not weak, that a true leader is one who is patient and perseverant even under the most difficult circumstances, stressing “as young leaders you must be able to dream positively in looking beyond the challenges of the people you are serving and see in the rein of hope.”

The Gambian motivational speaker however cautioned that “leaders must stop cutting and pasting whatever is done in the United States; Africans, especially Liberians, have a lot of past history that they can refresh on and learn from.”


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