G/Bissau military foil coup

APA-Bissau (Guinea-Bissau)

The military in Guinea-Bissau has claimed foiling a coup by soldiers from within its ranks, APA learnt on Friday.

In a statement Guinea-Bissau's military chief General Biague Na Ntan said those involved in the attempted coup to overthrow civilian president Umaru Sissoco Embalo have been identified, arrested and detained. 

President Embalo is reportedly on a state visit abroad.

"We have managed to identify a group of FARP (Revolutionary Armed  Forces of the People) soldiers who are mobilizing soldiers by buying their conscience against banknotes in order to subvert the established constitutional order" said General Na Ntan.

He said soldiers who were bribed to take part in the foiled coup had opted out of the plot and denounced those who went ahead with "these despicable acts".

He made the announcement as the Guinea-Bissau military police marked its 47th anniversary. 

The former Portuguese colony which attained independence in 1974 after a protracted armed struggle for its liberation has witnessed at least four coups since.

It also endured a bitter civil war.


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