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    G/Bissau PM opposes cashew nut price tax

    APA - Bissau (Guinea-Bissau) By Nouha Mancaly

    The Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau, Aristides Gomes has told journalists that it would be unfair of the government to impose a tax on the marketing price of cashew nuts, given that the market is free and exports depended on the international market.

    “The target price is another aid that the government should provide to all actors in the nut marketing sector, taking into account the commercial factors that therefore vary according to the international market,” the head of government said during a meeting with journalists at BCEAO’s main branch in Bissau.

    Drawing attention to the good management of cashew nut marketing, “the only export wealth for the country today,” he pointed the deterioration of some economic indicators related to the unfavourable conditions of the cashew marketing year in 2018.

    In addition, Gomes noted the need for the executive to work with banks to ensure that the sector’s stakeholders are well funded.


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