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    Ghana-Special Prosecutor

    Ghana: Nominee for Special Prosecutor grilled by Parliament

    APA-Accra (Ghana)

    Ghana’s nominee for Special Prosecutor, Martin Alamesi Amidu was on Tuesday grilled by the Appointment Committee of Parliament.

    It follows his nomination by President Nana Akufo Addo to help fight graft in Ghana.

    For more than three hour, Amidu who worked at the Interior ministry during the regime of late President John Evans Atta Mills was subjected to a barrage of questions ranging from his education, politics and personal life.

    Known to his admirers in Ghana as “Citizen Vigilante” thanks to his zealotry in fighting corruption, Amidu said he considered his nomination as a great opportunity to improve the image of Ghana as stable country foreign to endemic corruption which could undermine a country's progress.

    "It is important that this country is stabilized so that nobody makes an excuse to be corrupt" he told legislators in Accra.

    Born in 1951, Martin Amidu is generally seen by Ghanaians as an incorruptible man who is better placed to set an example in his new position.

    Meanwhile, a former Deputy Attorney General Dominic Ayine has filed a case at the Supreme Court challenging Amidu’s stated age.

    The Apex Court will sit on the case in the next few days.

    It is not clear how the verdict will impact his nomination as special prosecutor.


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