Ghanaians observe one day of fasting against coronavirus

APA-Accra (Ghana)

Ghanaians on Wednesday observed one day fasting to seek God's intervention in the current scourge of the dreaded COVID-19.

The fasting, which was declared by President Nana Akufo-Addo on Sunday, in an address to the nation, was to pray to God to intervene in the situation in the country, which has brought many social and economic activities temporary to a halt.

Ghana as of Tuesday had recorded 53 cases of the virus, 50 of them were imported into the country.

The Chief Imam, Sheik Osman Nuhu Shaributu, has urged the Muslim community to fast on Wednesday and Thursday.

He also urged his members to comply with the presidential directive that prevents people from assembling in the turbulent history of the world.

A local pastor, Emmanuel Asamoah, of the God is Light Church in Accra, told APA that, "The time is rife for Ghana to seek God's face to fight against this demonic virus, which has the tendency to wipe out the human race."


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