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    Government to start regulating lubricant business

    APA-Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)

    Tanzania’s Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) will this year officially start to regulate the lubricants business, according to EWURA public relations manager Titus Kaguo.

    He said all importers, producers, distributors and sellers of lubricants must have registered all types of lubricants with the authority by March 31 this year.
    “We won’t allow any dealer to import, produce or distribute lubricants that would not have been registered after the deadline expires,” he declared.
    Kaguo said a quick survey and reports from consumers revealed that fake, sub-standard and recycled lubricants were rampant in the country.
    “The situation is not good on the ground, as businesses are selling lubricants that are not fit for use, causing damage to cars and other machineries, occasioning immense loss to the owners, “he continued.
    UWURA would fully collaborate with the Government Chemist Laboratory (GCLA), the Fair Competition Commission (FCC) and Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) in injecting sanity into the business of lubricants, he went on.
    The authority requires all lubricant blending plants operating in the country and distributors acquire EWURA licenses, and that all lubricant distributors would be required to distribute or sell products from companies with which they would have entered into agreements.
    EWURA also wants all lubricant distributors to enter into agreements with dealers, and must ensure they (distributors) sell the products to them and not those with whom they don’t have agreements.


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