Guinea-Bissau: Teachers’ strike ends

APA-Bissau (Guinea-Bissau) by Nouah Mancaly

The four-month strike of teachers in Guinea-Bissau ended on Wednesday, following an agreement signed the same day in Bissau with the Minister of National Education, Camilo Simoes Pereira.

Three teachers’ unions (SINAPROF, SINDEPROF and SIESE) signed the agreement during a ceremony attended by the Prime Minister, Aristides Gomes, students’ parents and representatives of youth organizations.

According to teachers’ spokesman Domingos de Carvhalo, the agreement ending the strike does not resolve all teachers’ demands, but the government is committed to paying the salary arrears of teachers and new recruits, according to a timetable to be set up.

The secretary general of the National Union Workers of Guinea Bissau (UNTG), Júlio Mendonça, welcomed the agreement, stressing that it was reached “through serious dialogue.”


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