Gunmen mow down 15 civilians in western Ethiopia

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

Gunmen killed at least 15 civilians in Ethiopia’s Eastern Wolloga Zone of Oromia State,APA can report on Friday.

The deadly attack was carried out by the Oromo Liberation Army-Shene in Kiremu Woreda’s Haro town on two occasions on Monday and Tuesday, the Region’s Communication Bureau claimed.

Some opposition political parties including the National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) issued a statement condemning the massacre and government’s reluctance to prevent such killings targeting ethnic Amharas in the area.

According to NaMA, the latest attack came after residents repeatedly called on federal authorities for protection from gunmen of the radical ethnic Oromo nationalist organization.

The opposition called on the government to hold the perpetrators accountable by bringing them to justice. 

The exact number of those killed is still unknown. 

A video footage purported to be about the attack in East Wollega and circulating on social media, shows dead bodies littering the ground and community members in distress. 

Residents in Kiramu district in East Wollega are still pleading for the government to deploy security forces to protect them. 

Gunmen of the ethnic Oromo nationalist party have been targeting Amhara civilians and subsistence farmers in the region since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came to power in April 2018. 

The group, designated as a terrorist organisation by the Ethiopian parliament earlier this year, destroyed properties, and displaced 967 families from their homes, according to the region’s Communication Bureau.



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