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    Cote d’Ivoire-ICT

    Internet society chief urges digital integration of African nations

    APA-Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire)

    The African Regional Director of the NGO Internet Society, Dawit Bekele on Friday urged the authorities on the continent to work toward digital integration, which could facilitate regional economic integration.

    By his reckoning this could also contribute to improved Internet costs and services.

    “I think digital integration is easier to achieve because one of the problems for the integration of Africa is that we do not know each other. So if we have a better connection between us it will bring back a strong Africa, and this will promote a pure and simple integration,” he said in an interview with APA.

    According to him, the factors linked to the high cost of Internet in Africa are many, but the most visible and is inter-connection between countries.

    “Africans need to rely on integration. Operators must be allowed to interconnect. It should not be, for example, a problem for an Ivorian operator to connect with another Ghanaian operator,” he said.

    Mr. Bekele said that countries at the regional level should discuss and find solutions.

    “The problem is that the states think that the operators make a lot of money, so there are a lot of taxes because for the states they are good income but it can have detrimental consequences on the industry,” he explained.

    “It’s also an international phenomenon that increasingly reduces the interests of operators for bid calls because it’s not profitable,” he added.

    “It is necessary that states not only think about incomes but also the future of this industry indispensable for the development of countries” he concluded.


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