Kagame urges sacrifice as Rwandans observe Heroes Day

APA-Kigali (Rwanda)

Rwandan President Paul Kagame on Friday called for efforts in emulating the sacrifice and dedication demonstrated by all the country’s past heroes.

Speaking as Rwanda marked National Heroes Day on February 1, Kagame stressed that it is the duty of all citizens to keep progress going for the country to be where they want.

"A very good day to all the heroes of our country and struggle," the Rwandan leader said.

Rwandan heroes are categorised as 'Imanzi', 'Imena' and 'Ingenzi' respectively.

The first category comprises the former rebel group and current ruling Rwandese Patriotic Front (RPF) commander, Maj. -General Fred Gisa Rwigema and the Unknown Soldier as national heroes.

After RPF rebels invaded Rwanda on 1 October 1990, Rwigema died the
following day on the battle front.

In the second category are late King Mutara V, Charles Rudahigwa and musician Micheal Rwagasana.

It also includes students of Nyange Secondary School in western Kibuye district, who were massacred by Hutu militiamen during a raid on the school in 1997.

The students were killed after refusing to be separated along ethnic lines of Hutus and Tutsis as ordered by Hutu extremists.

This category also includes two women, Felicita Niyitegeka and Agatha
Uwiringiyimana who was prime minister when the genocide broke out in April 1994.


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