Kenya hosts stakeholders’ summit to discuss Safari product


Kenya’s ministry of tourism and wildlife is convening owners and managers of Kenya's leading tourism enterprises, and county government representatives at the African Safari Summit to reimagine the African Safari and unlock innovation in Kenya’s Safari product.

Stakeholders who meet from 15-16 March will discuss Kenya’s Safari offering and how it can be reshaped in the face of emerging trends in technology and travel.

“Safari, as we know it, originated from Kenya about a century ago. Our competitors have taken over the term and are using it to compete with us in their product design and marketing. I am confident that by bringing our industry thought leaders together, we can set some bold ideas and redefine the African Safari for the next 100 years,” Kenya's Cabinet Secretary of tourism, Najib Balala said in a statement issued in Nairobi on Thursday.

Tourism is considered the first amongst the six sectors earmarked to drive Kenya Vison 2030. Between 2013 and 2017, the Government’s return on investment from tourism was 21 times the amount invested.

Arrivals in 2018 grew by 37.33% from 2017, to 2,025,206 international visitors, surpassing the 2 million mark for the first time in Kenya’s history.

Africa was the main source market, accounting for 40.00 percent followed by Europe at 30.22 percent, Balala added.



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