Kenya registers drop in 2018 Corruption Perception Index

APA-Nairobi (Kenya)

Kenya has dropped one point in the global Corruption Perception Index (CPI) released by Transparency International on Tuesday.

The country has obtained a score of 27 out of 100, and a decline from 28 points scored in 2017 (with zero perceived to be highly corrupt and 100 very clean).

Kenya is ranked at position 144 out of 180 countries and territories listed in the CPI.

Kenya’s score is below the global average of 43 and Sub Saharan Africa’s mean of 32.

About 110 senior public officials and traders have been charged with corruption, since Kenyatta fired up an anti- graft war last year.

In the past five years, Kenya’s score has ranged between 25 and 28, having scored 28 in 2017, 26 in 2016, and 25 in 2015 and 2014, demonstrating that efforts to tackle corruption have borne little results.

The CPI measures the perceived levels of public sector corruption in countries and territories worldwide.

The report ranks countries by their perceived levels of public sector corruption.

It is a composite index, a combination of surveys and assessments of corruption which is collected by a variety of reputable institutions.

Rwanda is ranked highest in the East African region garnering 56 points followed by Tanzania with 36, Kenya and Uganda scoring 27 and Burundi with 17 points.

The top countries are Denmark and New Zealand with scores of 88 and 87 respectively.

The bottom countries are Somalia, Syria and South Sudan with scores of 10, 13 and 13, in that order.


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