Kenya: US denies it had prior information of terror attack

APA-Nairobi (Kenya)

The United States on Thursday denied reports it has prior information over Tuesday’s terrorist attack i n Nairobi that claimed 21 lives.

The US embassy in Nairobi further denied allegations that it did ever advise American citizens staff to avoid the DusitD2 upmarket complex prior to the incident. 

“Contrary to some false reports on social media, the United States had no advance notice of the attack, nor did we ever advise American citizens or our staff to avoid the DusitD2 prior to the incident.  We deplore the spread of false information in the wake of this tragedy, which only serves to hamper ongoing efforts to defeat terrorism,” the embassy said in  a statement issued in Nairobi.

The US said it will continue to work closely with the Kenyan authorities to provide assistance in the aftermath of the January 15 DusitD2 Hotel terrorist attack. 

The attackers forced their way into the 14 Riverside Drive by forcing security guards at the gate to open the gate by shooting at them and immediately a suicide bomber blew himself up.

They were all neutralized by Kenyan security agencies after a 21-siege at the complex. Over 700 Kenyans were safely rescued.

 The attack comes as the country marks the third anniversary of the El Adde terrorist attack that targeted Kenyan soldiers in Somalia on January 15, 2016 after Al Shabaab militants overrun a military base in the town of El Adde.


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