Kenyans outraged as new fuel tariffs introduced

APA-Nairobi (Kenya)

Kenyans have expressed anger and frustration at the new price for fuel which comes into effect on Wednesday.

In a statement on Tuesday the state energy regulator EPRA said the new fuel price has been placed at just over $1.2 per litre, citing instability in the world market price.

There are also local factors to blame for the increase including increased taxation of petroleum products and transport tariffs especially in and around the capital Nairobi. 

Despite government compensation of licensed fuel dealers to maintain price stability, high transportation costs has adversely affected the prices of other goods and services.

This situation has increased the already high cost of living to prohibitive heights, leaving ordinary Kenyans complaining bitterly.

Reacting on social media, Edie Mello wrote: We talk but no action we should pack our cars and block all the roads and demand fuel prices to be reduced to 90kshs".

John Buuri Mbui said a simple solution out of this situation is for President Uhuru Kenyatta to resign. 


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