Khalifa Sall lodges appeal with Constitutional Council

APA-Dakar (Senegal) by Cheikh Diop

Former Dakar mayor Khalifa Sall whose candidacy for the 2019 presidential election in Senegal was rejected by the country’s Constitutional Court has challenged the decision.

Sall’s representative filed an appeal with the Council on Tuesday evening, to “vigorously contest” the reasons why the Council invalidated his candidature.

Under the provisions of article L122 of the Electoral Code, any candidate is given “the right to lodge a complaint with the Constitutional Council” before the expiry date, following the day on which the list of candidates is posted.

Consequently, Babacar Thioye Ba, Sall’s representative on Tuesday filed an appeal for his candidate.

Sall and his lawyer told the Council that “the Prosecutor General at the Court of Appeal and the Prosecutor General at the Supreme Court have no authority to interfere in the presidential election,” before further stating that “the Constitutional Council must not ignore the suspensive nature of the deadline and the appeal.”

The document they filed reminded the Council that Sall has never been permanently deprived of his civil and political rights, and that “the Constitutional Council cannot deprive him of these rights.”

It would be recalled that Sall Monday was barred from participation in the fothcoming presidential election by the Council, after the Supreme Court’s ruling confirmed the decision of the Court of Appeal in the case of the advance fund of the Dakar City Hall.

Khalifa Sall was convicted by the tribunal of first instance, and Senegal’s supreme court confirmed the five-year prison sentence, upheld when Sall went to the court of appeal, for “forgery” and “use of the commune’s public funds for personal or private purposes.”

That conviction led to his dismissal from Dakar City Hall.


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