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    Liberia-Newspaper Review

    Liberian newspaper highlights Weah's acceptance speech, others

    APA-Monrovia (Liberia)

    Weah's acceptance speech and the White House congratulating Weah on his victory, were headline news in the only Liberian newspaper on the newsstands on Tuesday.

    The FrontPage newspaper, the only newspaper circulating on Tuesday, published as its frontpage banner headline Weah's victory acceptance speech.

    In that speech Weah, among other things, promised to take good decisions, and not just to make good speeches.

    It published this story under the caption: "GOOD DECISIONS, NOT BEST SPEECHES".

    Another story published by FrontPage was the White House congratulating Liberia's President-elect George Manneh Weah.

    In a statement, the White House said this will be the first peaceful transfer of power from one democratically-elected president to another in decades, and represents "a major milestone for Liberia's democracy".

    FrontPage published the story under the headline: "White House Congratulates Weah".

    Other headlines include: NEW YEAR, NEW ADMINISTRATION, 'NEW BEGINNINGS'; WEAH TAKES OVER JAN 22; Big Plans For 2018, Orange

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