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Liberian newspapers are awash with trials of former ULIMO commander, Associate Supreme court justice

APA-Monrovia (Liberia)

Switzerland approving the trial of former ULIMO commander and final ruling the impeachment trial of Associate Supreme court justice Ja’neh dominate the headlines in the Thursday, March 28 editions of Liberian newspapers.

The office of the Attorney General of Switzerland headed by Michael Lauber has finally approved the trial of a former front-line commander of the defunct United Liberation Movement for Democracy (ULIMO).

ULIMO Is one of the rebel factions that participated in the Liberian civil war that lasted from 1989 to 2003. The ULIMO Commander Alieu Kosiah’s prosecution is coming after three years of investigation.

The Daily Observer newspaper published this story as its front page banner headline under the caption: Switzerland To Prosecute Ex-ULIMO Commander for War Crimes.

Another story that dominates the headlines in the Thursday editions of Liberian newspapers is the expected verdict in the impeachment trial of an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia Kabineh Ja’neh.

Justice Ja’neh is being tried by the Senate on charges of multiple offences including (stealing House of Representatives records), acquiring property wrongfully ad denying the government money due it
through the road fund.

The FrontPage, News and Heritage newspapers published this story as their front page banner headlines under diverse headlines, while the Daily Observer published it on its front page.

The FrontPage published it under the caption: JA’NEH’S JUDGEMENT DAY; the NEWS Guilty Or Acquitted…Senators Decide Ja’neh’s Fate Today, while the Heritage has the caption: JUDGMENT DAY FOR JA’NEH. The Daily Obswerver for its part has the headline: D-DAY For Associate Justice Ja’neh.

Other headlines in the Thursday editions of Liberian newspapers include ECC Reintroduces Electoral Reform Debate (Daily Observer); Zwedru Airstrip Abandoned, Under Threat (Daily Observer); Liberia Gets Extra 10M Euros…From France (The NEWS); Palm Oil Thieves Arrested…As Police Raid Sime Darby (The NEWS).


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