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Liberian newspapers headline COVID-19, state of emergency

APA-Monrovia (Liberia)

The latest update on the Coronavirus in Liberia and lawmakers failing to convene to discuss the state of emergency declared by President Weah dominate the headlines in the Tuesday, April 14 editions of Liberian newspapers.

Health authorities have disclosed that eight additional cases of the Coronavirus have been recorded in the country resulting to one death on Monday.

This brings to 51 the Coronavirus cases in Liberia including six deaths.

The Heritage and New Dawn newspapers, the only newspapers that appeared on the newsstand Tuesday, published this story as their front page banner headlines.

The Heritage published it under the caption: 6 Deaths, 59 Cases-Latest Update On Coronavirus Pandemic in Liberia, while the New Dawn has as its front page banner headline: '1 in 3 high-risk persons test positive.'

The other story that captured the headlines in the Tuesday editions of Liberian newspapers is the failure of the National Legislature to convene to discuss and endorse the State of Emergency declared by the President.

According to information gathered by the newspapers, the President is yet to make available the document for the State of Emergency to both houses of the national legislature.

The Heritage published this story on its front page under the title: 'No Comment Now, Tomorrow'-Says House Speaker of President's State of Emergency Saga, while the New Dawn published it on its back page under the caption: Lawmakers Fail To Convene'.:
Other headlines in the Tuesday editions of Liberian newspapers include: Several Arrested over Covid-19 Measures (New Dawn); Agriculture Ministry Begins Lending Tractors to farmers Ahead of Planting Season (Heritage).


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