Liberian newspapers headline June 7 protest, Senate rejection of tenure bill

APA-Monrovia (Liberia)

ECOWAS meeting with President Weah on June 7 protest and Senators rejecting President Weah’s tenure bill dominate the headlines in the Friday, May 31 editions of Liberian newspapers.

President George Weah on Thursday met with a visiting delegation of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

During the meeting, ECOWAS officials expressed concern about the security situation in the country amidst the planned June 7 protest by a group under the banner ‘Council of Patriots’.

The Inquirer and NEWS newspapers published this story as their front page banner headlines. The Inquirer published it under the caption: ECOWAS Raises Security Concerns …Amidst June 7 Protest, while the NEWS newspaper published it under the title: ECOWAS Delegation Meets Weah…Discusses June 7 Protest, Others.

In the wake of the brewing political tension among stakeholders, the Senate on Thursday, May 30 unanimously voted to throw out a bill submitted by President George Weah calling for the prohibition of tenured positions for public officials within the executive branch of
government. If the Senators had concurred with the Lower House to pass the bill, a commentator remarked, “Weah would have succeeded in keeping grip on power to the extent that he would appoint any of his cronies to a prestigious position, and after few years or so dismiss such a person and also fill the post with another of his associates.”

The Daily Observer newspaper published this story as its front page banner headline under the caption: Senators Reject Tenure Bill-As CoP (Council of Patriots) Senate Meeting Fails to Convene. The Inquirer and NEWS newspapers also published this story on their front pages
under the respective captions:: Senate Rejects Weah’s Tenure Bill; and
Senate Rejects Tenure Bill.

Other headlines in the Friday editions of Liberian newspapers include: Firestone Denies Amendment Report (The Inquirer); 2020 Senatorial Campaign On The Rise In Nimba (The Inquirer); Former Chief Justice Scott: ‘Time to Break Vicious Cycle of Impunity’ (Daily Observer); President Weah Commissions Ambassador To Senegal (Daily Observer);
‘Difficult Moment Will Pass…Weah Stimulates Liberians (The NEWS); VP Taylor Launches Population Report…Calls For Political Will (The NEWS).


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