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Liberian newspapers headline threat of protest, shut down Radio Station taking government to court

APA-Monrovia (Liberia)

The threat of protest by public workers and shut down media outlet taking government to court dominate the headlines in the Thursday, October 24 editions of Liberian newspapers.

Amidst the harsh economic condition in the country which has incapacitated central government to pay government employees' salaries in a timely manner, the Consortium of Public Sector Workers' Organization of Liberia, a group comprising health workers, public school teachers, and all civil servants, has threatened a nationwide go-slow if government fails to pay salary arrears of public employees by 31 October 2019.

Reading the public sector workers' resolution Wednesday, Civil Service Association of Liberia president, Mr. Mlbah Johnson demanded an immediate halt to "all unapproved and unauthorized percentage deductions" of salaries of public servants.

The FrontPage and New Dawn newspapers published this story as their front page banner headlines under the respective captions: NATIONWIDE CIVIL SERVANTS' GO-SLOW LOADING and Public Workers Threaten Protest.

Another story that captured the headlines in the Thursday editions of Liberian newspaper is the management of Roots FM radio station taking government to court to return all properties of the station that were seized.

In its motion filed in court, the Roots FM management said the search and seizure warrant issued by the Ministry of Justice was illegal and does not provide substantial reasons to warrant the seizure of their properties.

The Inquirer newspaper published this story on its front page under the title: Roots FM Takes Go't To Court..

Recently, government shut down Roots FM radio and seized all its equipment on grounds that it was operating illegally.

Others headlines in Thursday's newspapers include: U.S Embassy Donates 2,750 Uniforms ...To Liberia National Police (The NEWS); Liberia Signs Cape Town Agreement (The NEWS); Coastal Highway Construction Begins 2020-Works Ministry Discloses (The NEWS); ALJA Condemns The Closure of Roots FM (The Inquirer); Liberia Seeks More U.K Investment (The Inquirer).


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