Liberian newspapers zoom on President’s intervention in Legislature-Supreme Court crisis

APA-Monrovia (Liberia)

The President’s intervention in the Legislature-Supreme Court crisis and the reaction of the lower House of Representatives to the stay order on the impeachment of three Justices of the Supreme Court dominate the headlines of Liberian newspapers on Friday.

The impeachment crisis that has erupted in the country as a result of the opinion handed down in the Karnwea-Elections Commission case by the Supreme Court is approaching boiling point, thereby provoking the President to weigh in on the issue.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said attempts by the lower House of Representatives to impeach three justices of the Supreme Court “tends to undermine the peace, threaten the elections process currently underway and create confusion and chaos in Liberia’s fledging democracy.”

The Daily Observer and Women Voices newspapers published this story as their front page banner headlines under the respective captions while The Heritage also published this story as its back page banner headline under the caption: Ellen Expresses Concern Over Impeachment Proceedings-Says Executive Branch Will Not Support Any Unconstitutional Maneuverings.

The plenary of the lower House of Representatives has described as “trash and garbage” a Writ of prohibition and citation sent to that august body by the Supreme Court against the impeachment of three Justices of its justices.

The House Plenary is the highest decision-making body of the House of Representatives, while the Supreme Court is the final arbiter of justice in Liberia.

The lawmakers took the decision on Thursday, following the reading of a communication from the Supreme Court summoning the House of Representatives to appear before it and to halt the impeachment proceeding against the three Justices of the Supreme Court.

The Heritage published this story as its front page banner headline under the caption: “TRASH AND GARBAGE”-Lawmakers Describe Supreme Court’s Stay Order, while the Inquirer published it on its front page under the title: Lawmakers Trash Summons, Prohibition. The Women Voices newspaper also published this story as its back page banner headline under the caption; Constitutional Crisis Looms-Supreme Court, Legislature Fight Over Legitimacy.

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