Liberian police gun down four alleged armed robbers

APA-Monrovia (Liberia)

Following the gruesome murder of German national Juergen Schedemna, the Liberia National Police (LNP) has launched a nationwide crackdown which has left four alleged armed robbers dead and several others wounded, APA can report on Thursday.

Juergen Schedemna was a German national and the Log Yard Manager of the International Capital Consultant (ICC).

According to Police Spokesman Moses Carter, the raids were part of an undercover operation launched several weeks ago by the Inspector General of Police Patrick Sudue, after the murder of German national Schedemna who was shot and killed on 22, January during an armed robbery at his company’s Big Joe Town office on the outskirts of Buchanan City in Grand Bassa County.

Carter disclosed that the notorious robbers were intercepted by the LNP’s Special Undercover Anti-Robbery Team, while they were making their way to rob the Ruby Light Logging Company sub-office in Pynes Town in Grand Gedeh County and the head office in Sinoe County, where a huge unspecified amount of cash was being kept.

"The robbers opened fire on LNP officers, who were forced to return fire. This action left three of the suspects dead on the scene and two others wounded at the Gbargbo Town Checkpoint in Grand Gedeh, while one was gunned down in Rivercess County while attempting to rob a Chinese company," Carter said.

Carter said that as a result the cross-fire exchange, four armed robbers were eliminated while four other suspects sustained bullet wounds both in Kpelle Town, Monrovia, Rivercess, and the Gbargbo Town check point in Grand Gedeh County last week.

"Intelligence gathered throughout the operation revealed that the armed robbers had planned a string of simultaneous armed robberies both in Monrovia, Grand Gedeh, Rivercess, and Sinoe counties. The LNP worked tirelessly to ensure this group's next robbery plots were stopped and lives were saved," Carter pointed out.

The Police Spokesman pointed out that the LNP has made huge gains in the fight against armed robberies that has terrorized selected communities across Liberia. 

“While attempting to arrest several dangerous armed robbery suspects, a shootout ensued between our Anti-robbery officers and one of Liberia's notorious armed robbery gangs. These suspects have been terrorizing communities across Liberia and were being pursued" he added.

Meanwhile, Carter is urging the public to remain calm and patient because the LNP operation is ongoing and other suspects are still being sought out by the LNP, and assured the public of more detail.


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