Libya: Africom kills 17 terrorists in airstrike


Libya’s United States Africa Command (Africom) said it killed 17 people from the ISIS terrorist group in southwest on Friday in an airstrike.

It added in a statement that the airstrike was carried out in coordination with the Libyan Government of National Accord.

On the other hand a military source at the Libyan army revealed that six people were killed Friday morning in the city of southern city of Sebha likely to belong to terrorist ISIS as a result of shelling targeted several sites in the city.

In a related context the air force carried out intensive sorties early Friday morning targeting several headquarters and concentrations of the armed group of the Accord Government in Tripoli center.

Another military source affirmed that the airstrike on a military group in Tripoli Friday led to the killing of two from this armed group and material damage to the building.

The Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord condemned the continues airstrikes on civilian sites in Tripoli including the airport Thursday night and government headquarters in Tripoli center Friday morning which caused human and material losses.

It added in a statement that these repeated acts violate the international conventions and laws, aiming to destabilize security and stability of the capital and lead to the killing and terrorizing of civilians and take place in front of the United Nations Mission.


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