Libya mulls shutting down migrant detention centers

APA-Tripoli (Libya)

The Interior minister of Libya's National Accord Government, Fatha Bashaga said Thursday that his government is considering the closure of migration centres in Tripoli in the wake of a deadly air strike which killed scores of migrants earlier this week.

Bashaga said the government is committed to protecting all civilians, but after F-16 planes targeted illegal migrant centers in a suburb of Tripoli over the past two days, it would be impossible to prevent such attacks in the future.

In a meeting with the UN humanitarian coordinator Maria Ribiebaro in Tripoli Bashaga said that in view of this situation, the government may soon close down such centers and free all illegal migrants for their safety.

Colonel Mabrouk Abdul Hafed who heads the body for illegal migration told a press conference that the centre which was bombed from the air contained 620 migrants, 33 of which were killed during the air strike.

He said some 60 others were wounded some of them seriously and were being treated in hospitals in Tripoli.


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