Main opposition reaches out to Guinea junta

APA-Conakry (Guinea)

Guinea's main opposition National Alliance for Democratic Change (ANAD) which backs Alpha Conde's arch political rival Cellou Dalein Diallo, says it is ready to accompany the coup plotters to complete the transition to democratic civilian rule.

“A historic act that completes the fight led by ANAD and other forces of the country in love with justice and democracy.” It is in these terms that the coalition that had supported the candidacy of Cellou Dalein Diallo for the presidential election of October 2020 welcomed the overthrow of President Conde.


ANAD, for whom this putsch “consecrates the victory of our people and the failure of the dictatorial regime of Alpha Conde” said it “took note” of the declaration of seizure of power of the National Committee for Rally and Development (CNRD).


“The motives behind its saving action and its purpose are the same as ANAD’s aspirations, which are the reunification of our nation, the rebuilding of our state, the fight against corruption and impunity,” the coalition of political parties said.


“That is why the CNRD can count on ANAD’s support in the effort to build a peaceful democracy in our country.”


ANAD saluted all those who, throughout the world and in the name of democratic values, have, in various forms supported its struggle.


Finally, it urged the CNRD to make the establishment of legitimate institutions capable of implementing reforms that could rapidly lead the country to national reconciliation and rule of law as one of its prime responsibilities.



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