Malawi’s Parliament passes new laws on elections

APA-Lilongwe (Malawi)

Malawi Parliament has passed electoral reforms amendment bill following an order by the constitutional court to discuss and pass before the fresh elections in June this year.

According the Leader of the House, Kondwani Nankhumwa, the amendment will facilitate the way results will be announced and schedule of the new vote calendar.

"This amendment means both presidential and parliamentary elections will pass through a simple majority not two thirds as was required by the courts," he said.

First the Past Post system of results will still be used than the 50 + 1 which most parties were reluctant to accept, he said.

Earlier, Parliament rejected the 50 +1 system from being amended and put into effect when voting. The system has a provision of a re-run in the case that no candidate ammases over 50 per cent of the total votes casted.

However, the new amendment means both that those elected during the May 21, 2019 tripartite elections shall stand constitutionally dissolved in March, 2025 and the next general elections will be held on May 21, 2025.


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