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Mali “denounces” defense treaty with France

APA - Bamako (Mali)

The denunciation by Mali of the defense cooperation treaty of July 16, 2014 will officially take effect in six months.

Things are now at a standstill between Bamako and Paris. The military authorities in power in Mali decided on Monday, May 2, to “denounce” the defense agreements signed with France and its European partners. The decision was notified by the Malian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the chargé d’affaires of the French Embassy in Bamako.


In a statement read on national television Monday evening, the spokesman for the transitional government, Colonel Abdoulaye Maiga, denounced several “incidents” to justify the Malian decision. The Malian officer first condemned “the unilateral attitude of the French partner” who announced the withdrawal of Barkhane and Takuba forces without consulting the authorities in Bamako.


Colonel Maïga also cites among the reasons for his government’s decision “the multiple violations of Malian airspace” and the “delaying tactic” of France in requesting a meeting of experts to review the defense treaty between the two countries “instead of sending its amendments.”


“In view of these serious shortcomings as well as the flagrant attacks on the national sovereignty of Mali, the government of the Republic of Mali decides to denounce the treaty of cooperation in defense matters of July 16, 2014,” said Colonel Maiga.


It is with “immediate effect” that the Malian authorities denounce the agreements of March 2013 framing the engagement of the French force Serval, then Barkhane, as well as the additional protocol of March 2020 applying to the European detachments of Takuba, the grouping of European special units initiated by France.


On the other hand, according to the government spokesman in Bamako, Mali is ready to collaborate with all the states of the world “in mutual respect,” said the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization.


Paris did not react immediately to the Malian decision.

For several days, officials from both countries have been engaged in a fierce war of communiqués.


Bamako has found a new partner in defense and security: Russia, which provides military equipment and even mercenaries, according to Paris.

The process of disengagement of the French Barkhane force and the European Takuba force from Mali began a few weeks ago and should be completed by the summer.


This latest move by the Malian government comes just weeks after the closure of a major French army camp in Gossi, in the north. Last week, the French military staff released drone footage of what it said was a staged mass grave near the camp and accused Russian mercenaries from Wagner of being behind the operation.


The Malian government reacted violently on Wednesday, April 27, accusing the French army of “espionage, subversion and violating Malian airspace.” These allegations were again refuted by France.



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