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    Mauritania: Striking health workers suspend action

    APA-Nouakchott (Mauritania)

    Mauritanian doctors are suspending for two weeks their strike action which lasted 45 days to give chance to mediation, sources in Nouakchott told APA Saturday.

    “The mediation is conducted by reliable public figures outside the government and provided with specific guarantees,” a source close to the file told APA, according to whom a case is sitting on the President’s desk.

    The doctors reached this decision during a general meeting in camera to discuss the developments of the strike and the chances of a successful mediation.

    Organized by the two unions of general practitioners and specialists, the strike, overwhelmingly observed in Mauritanian cities, was prompted by wage demands and the improvement of working conditions.

    As a sanction, the Mauritanian Health Ministry, which described the movement as illegal, announced the suspension of strikers’ salaries and sacked several of their leaders.

    Reacting to this, the strikers collectively terminated their contracts with the Nouakchott Military Hospital.

    In spite of this work stoppage, a minimum service is ensured in all the emergency structures of the country.


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