Mauritania: Striking private schools decry 'high' taxes

APA-Nouakchott (Mauritania) By Mohamed Moctar

Privately-owned schools in Mauritania began a strike on Monday to protest what they called high taxes levied on them by the Economy and Finance ministry, APA can reports in the first day of the resumption of the second semester year.

According to sources, the taxes are already partially in force and will be introduced to all private schools in Mauritania.

Some unionists have decried the fact that the taxes sometimes outweigh the capital of the schools.

They expressed fear that some establishments may be shut down by the Directorate of Taxes in the coming days.

According to them, no advance notice was sent to the concerned schools before the effective implementation of the taxes, which are being enforced by the police using padlocks to shut down some schools in the capital Nouakchott.

The private education sector in Mauritania contributes significantly to reducing unemployment, recruiting over 8,000 among new graduates, retired workers and jobless school leavers.


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