Mauritania’s opposition expresses concerns over electoral process

APA-Nouakchott (Mauritania)

The Electoral Alliance of the Democratic Opposition in Mauritania (AEOD), which includes four of the six candidates in the presidential election on 22 June, has accused the current regime of “continuing to systematically tampering with electoral process.”

The regime “continues to guide this process in order to achieve its agenda of replication of its system,” AEOD pointed out in a statement issued Tuesday in Nouakchott.

Listing a number of measures that could undermine the neutrality and impartiality of power, AEOD pointed out “appointments to state positions for electoral purposes” as well as “public procurement, various licences and public services” granted on the basis of political affiliation and not merit.

In addition, AEOD recalled that its previous complaints “remained totally or partially unsatisfied” such as the restructuring of the electoral commission, the revision and verification of the electoral list for a sufficient period of at least two months.

The complaints already made also concern the invitation of international observers to supervise the elections and the opening of the public media to all parties.

The opposition holds “the regime fully responsible for the consequences of holding non-consensual elections and without providing the minimum conditions of freedom, transparency, integrity and everything that can result from them and their consequences,” the statement concluded.


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