Morocco and Germany: Strained ties on the mend

APA - Rabat (Morocco)

After ten months of a diplomatic meltdown between Morocco and Germany, Rabat and Berlin are showing the first signs of reconciliation.

Morocco says it “appreciate the positive announcements and constructive positions recently made by the new federal government of Germany.”

In a statement on Wednesday, the Moroccan Foreign Ministry said these announcements by Berlin “allow us to envisage a rekindling of bilateral cooperation and the return to normal work of the diplomatic representations of both countries in Rabat and Berlin.”

Morocco hopes that “these statements will be followed by actions to reflect a new state of mind and mark a new beginning of the relationship on the basis of clarity and mutual respect.”

The German Foreign Ministry recently changed the content of its web page dedicated to its relations with Morocco just days after the new Chancellor Olaf Scholz took office.

German diplomacy paints a glowing depiction of relations with Rabat. 

It states that “the Kingdom of Morocco is, both politically and culturally and economically, a link between the North and the South,” and that “the country is an essential partner of the European Union and Germany in North Africa,” a country that has “undertaken extensive reforms”.

It also says Morocco “plays an important role for the stability and sustainable development of the region.”

Better still, German diplomacy indicates that “Germany’s position has remained unchanged for decades” and recalls that with its autonomy plan submitted in 2007, Morocco has made an important contribution to such an agreement.

These statements by the new German government open a fresh chapter in relations with Morocco after ten months of frozen diplomatic ties.


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