Morocco: Customs revenues for last year exceed €9 blns

APA-Rabat (Morocco)

Customs receipts in Morocco amounted to nearly 9.3 billion euros in 2018, representing a 6.4 percent increase, compared to the previous year, according to the activity report of the kingdom's Customs and Indirect Tax Administration (ADII).

This achievement is mainly due to a remarkable evolution of imports, ADII says, adding that the budget customs revenues showed the same progression to settle at 94.5 million DH (1 euro = 10,7 DH) .

Similarly, all duties and taxes recovered by ADII have shown a positive evolution. 

The distribution of these budget revenues by heading highlights the predominant contribution of the value added tax (VAT), with a share of 58 percent, followed by the domestic consumption tax (30 percent), import duties (10 percent) and the Gas Pipeline Fee (2 percent).

The report suggests that import duty revenues rose by 10.8 percent, boosted by the 8 percent rise in imports for home use, adding that imports excluding wheat improved by 12.3 percent.

As for VAT revenues, they amounted to 54.6 million DH in 2018, up 6.3 percent.

The revenues received for gas pipeline royalties amounted to 1.5 million dirhams, up 51 percent over the previous year, following the 21.7 percent increase in prices, in combination with a 19.5-percent change in the volume of natural gas in transit.



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