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Morocco denies Donetsk ties

APA-Rabat (Morocco)

Morocco has denied reports that it has engaged in any official or unofficial contact with the “self-proclaimed republic of Donetsk,” an entity not recognized either by the Kingdom or by the United Nations.

“Morocco denies such information,” said the Moroccan embassy in Kiev in a statement, following media reports of contacts with Donetsk.


“This entity is recognized neither by our country nor by the United Nations,” the embassy reiterated.


Therefore, “there can be no official or unofficial contact for the Moroccan state with an entity of this nature,” the statement said.


In a press conference held this Monday morning, the father of the Moroccan prisoner Brahim Saadoun urged,the Russian President Vladimir Putin as well as the President of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic to grant him a pardon.


Saadoun also appealed to the head of government Aziz Akhannouch to use all possible means to save the life of his son who was sentenced to death.


The father mentioned several considerations of a humanitarian and even military nature which, according to him, prove that his son is a prisoner of war and that he should be treated as such.


“My son was captured by the Russian armed forces in the middle of the battle and they preserved his life and treated him professionally. He was wearing the uniform of the Ukrainian army and had a weapon with an official serial number,” said Saadoun.


The latter also said that his son was fighting in a military unit that received orders from the Minister of Defense and the Ukrainian President. He added that his son is barely 21 years old and that he needs to be examined by a psychiatrist to ascertain his mental and psychological state.


Furthermore, Saadoun expressed his thanks to all the human rights organizations in Morocco and abroad as well as the National Council for Human Rights who support him in these difficult moments.


As a reminder, Brahim Saadoun was sentenced to death on June 9 by the separatist authorities in Donetsk.



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