Morocco launches several activities on World Environment Day

APA - Rabat (Morocco)

Morocco, on Monday organized a series of activities on the occasion of World Environment Day, celebrated this year under the theme “Combating Air Pollution.”

For example, the State Secretariat for Sustainable Development will be visiting the headquarters of the National Laboratory for Pollution Studies and Monitoring in Rabat, to present the mobile quality monitoring units of the air and newly purchased electric vehicles, as part of the implementation of the exemplarity of the Administration.

The program also includes the holding of a national meeting chaired by the Secretary of State, Ms. Nezha El Ouafi, during which the achievements of the Kingdom in terms of improving air quality will be presented.

This meeting, which will be an opportunity to discuss the challenges related to this issue, will feature the participation of senior ministerial officials, representatives of government institutions, local authorities, civil society, international cooperation agencies and the media.

The theme chosen for the celebration of this year’s World Environment focuses on the importance of air quality, which is particularly costly for people’s health and on the environment in general.

According to a study conducted by the State Secretariat for Sustainable Development in 2014, this cost is estimated at $1 billion (9.7 billion dirham) in 2014, or 1.05 percent of the Kingdom’s GDP, hence the need to take the necessary measures and initiate programs to combat the different forms of pollution of fixed and mobile origin.

It is within this framework that the National Air Program was launched with the aim of strengthening the national air quality monitoring network, consolidating the regulatory framework, reducing air emissions generated by the transportation and industry sectors, and to strengthen communication and awareness-raising.


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