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Morocco news channel launches participatory digital platform

APA - Tangiers (Morocco)

The 24-hour news channel MEDI1TV, in a statement shared with APA on Thursday, announced that it was launching a so-called “eReporTV” news medium.

It would allow citizens to share information via the collaborative platform “”.

Thanks to this tool, any citizen witnessing a particular event or news, which he has documented by filming or taking “amateur” photos, can connect to “” to share his content on MEDI1TV, specifying his identity, the location, date and type of event in question, the statement explains.

All of the content sent by “amateur” eReporters and bound for publication on the new medium will be selected, checked and processed by the MEDI1TV editorial staff, before publishing.

Through a voluntary and participatory scheme, citizens will be able to relay information on MEDI1TV and join the eReporTV community.

 They will also help educate while campaigning against fake news, the statement concludes.


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