Mozambique: 122 people die in bike accidents - Police

APA-Maputo (Mozambique)

As many as 122 people were killed last year in motorcycle accidents in Mozambique's northern province of Nampula, the Traffic police have said.

According to the police department, overspending, overloading and reckless driving, as well as lack of helmets were among the major causes of the increasing number of deaths.

In Nampula province, motorbikes have become a convenient means of transport, since they are cheap and available everywhere and at any time; an advantage over regular public urban transport like the mini bus taxis locally known as "Chapas".
"Motorcyclists are considered the main perpetrators of road accidents. The traffic police are conducting awareness-raising campaigns and disciplinary measures. Seventy-five motorcycles that were not roadworthy were seized and the respective fines were applied", according to a media statement from the police department seen by APA on Thursday.

The department says motorcyclists are aware of the rules and risks they run, but strangely ignore.
A TA study by the traffic police department in Mozambique says that motorcycle crashes, meanwhile, cost about twice as much as car accidents to treat over the first two years after the collisions.
"The average cost with motorcycle crashes was $4,569 compared with $2,349 for car accidents in 2018.
"The annual injury rate for motorcycles was 2,194 people out of every 100,000 registered owners, compared with 718 people out of every 100,000 registered car owners, the study found", according to the study.
With costs roughly doubled and injury rates roughly three times higher with motorcycles than with cars, researchers estimated that the total health costs of injuries was about six times higher for motorcycle owners than for car owners throughout Mozambique .


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