Mozambique: 63 foreign nationals denied entry

APA-Maputo (Mozambique)

Mozambique's National Migration Service (SENAMI) has blocked the entry of 63 foreigners of different nationalities from January 12 to January 18.

The spokesperson of SENAMI, Celestino Matsinhe, said the reasons include possession of false visas, lack of clarity for their arrival in Mozambique and falsification of passports.

The affected citizens are nine Pakistanis, eight Egyptians, seven Somalis and an equal number of Cameroonians and Nigerians.

"During the period alluded to, SENAMI registered an increase in refusals of entry into the country by more than 100 percent, when compared to the previous week.

In this period, 63 foreign nationals were refused entry into the country against 18 in the previous week of 11th January ", Matsinhe told a media briefing in Maputo on Friday.
The SENAMI official recommends that all those who want to enter the country to do so through officially established crossing points, which should stamp the passport, and to avoid the use of intermediaries during the crossing.
Matsinhe also said that in the same period, SENAMI registered a reduction of the global migratory movement by 34 percent.
"During the period under review, SENAMI registered at the national crossing points, global movements of 114,227 travelers compared to 172,696 from the previous week, after the festive season."
Matsinhe said that most travelers are Mozambicans, with 65,731 emigrants, followed by Malawians with 13,396, through the main crossing stations at Ressano Garcia, Machipanda and Cuchamano respectively.


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