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    Mozambique: Agro-business firm invests $50m for beef exports

    APA-Maputo (Mozambique)

    The Mozambique-based agribusiness firm, Al Bustan Farms, says it is investing $50 million in the production, processing and export of beef to foreign markets from the district of Mopeia in the central province of Zambézia.

    The representative of Al Bustan in Mozambique, Jorge Tembe, told APA in an interview on Wednesday that his company is focused on the production and export of meat to the European Union, the United States and Asia.

    "The company's bet is to produce in the next five years 10,000 heads of cattle through artificial insemination and at the moment there are 1400 heads of cattle and next year the company's cattle will grow to two thousand.

    He said it will be necessary to increase the area of development of the project to 11 thousand hectares.

    According to the official, in addition to cattle breeding the company is also committed to the production of corn, soybeans and alfalfa, a supplement used to feed livestock during the period of pasture shortage.

    Tembe added that in the context of corporate social responsibility, a drugstore will be built within the village and employ many workers as the venture is producing tangible financial results.

    "At the same time, a meat processing plant, an agricultural technical school and the rehabilitation of the Chimuara-Mopeia road will be built stretching 65-kilometers in addition to the rehabilitation of Caia aerodrome in Sofala province," he said.

    Meanwhile, the head of Zambézia Provincial Livestock Services, Edson Teimoso, said that this province currently has 1500 heads of cattle, of which 600 are Brahaman and Nelore breeds, inseminated with the Angus Toros breed, of South Africa.

    Teimoso said that the expectation is to create 20,000 heads of cattle through artificial insemination, of which Mopeia will have 2500 to be handled in a management center, an incentive that could galvanize livestock production and, consequently, increase and diversify food proteins.

    Mozambique has been dependent on its exports to the EU, a region they remains the bulwark of the nation’s international trade policy.


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