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    Mozambique-South Africa-Ban

    Mozambique announces blanket ban on meat imports from South Africa

    APA-Maputo (Mozambique)

    The Mozambique's agriculture sanitation authority, the National Veterinary Directorate in the Ministry of Agriculture (DNAV) has suspended all meat imports and the by-products from South Africa after new outbreaks of foot and mouth disease were detected in neighbouring country's Mpumalanga at the border with Mozambique.

    "The ban, which take immediate effect, covers live cattle, pigs, goats and sheep, and meat and by-products from these animals. The import of livestock fodder from South Africa is also banned," a DNAV media statement on Friday said,

    The Veterinary Services have ordered increased vigilance in the districts bordering on South Africa to prevent infected animals or meat from entering Mozambique.

    Foot and mouth is a highly infectious viral disease which can affect all hoofed mammals, domestic and wild. It can spread very easily from contact, not only with the infected animals themselves, but also with contaminated farm equipment, vehicles, clothing and fodder.

    The disease is a major threat to livestock farmers and industries and measures to contain the outbreaks often include strict restrictions on movement and mass culling of animals.

    Mozambican officials have no immediate figures on how much meat the country is importing from South Africa annually.


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