Mozambique intercepts illegal timber consignment at Beira port

APA-Maputo (Mozambique)

Sofala Forestry and Wildlife Services said on Friday that it has seized 26 containers of illegal timber as they were about to be exported to China through the port of Beira.

Sofala Forestry and Wildlife Services inspector Domingos Manuel Ncuinda said the Chinese company that wanted to export the timber, Xeng Xeng, did not have valid documentation as its licence expired on 31 December 2017.

"The company did not have a timber exploitation licence and said it was only buying and exporting," Ncuinda said.

He added: "For the crime committed, the company will be held responsible for violating the law and will be fined US$60,400.”

The containers arrived in the city of Beira by rail from the province of Tete where timber is presumed to have been exploited.

A report released recently by the UK-based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) says a staggering 93 percent of logging in 2017 in Mozambique was illegal, fuelled by poor law enforcement, endemic corruption, insufficient funding and incompetent leadership.


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