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Mozambique introduces new measures to curb illegal migration

APA-Maputo (Mozambique)

Mozambique's National Migration Service (SENAMI) has announced Friday it was introducing new measures to prevent foreigners overstaying in the country.

To this end, SENAMI introduced a new model for extending residence visas in the country to replace the previous system.

According to SENAMI spokesman Celestino Matsinhe, the new model replaces manual extension, with the submission of visa applications being made in person and only in the provincial directorates.

“We therefore appeal to any foreign citizen wishing to extend his or her stay visa to apply to the National Directorate of Migration in the area where he is staying and to submit his application personally and without resorting to intermediaries. This is for the applicant's own safety, ” Matsinhe told APA in a brief interview on Friday.

The official added that last week 37 undocumented foreign nationals were rounded up of which 19 of them Zimbabwean nationals.

"The most frequent migratory offenses in this period are illegal migration, illegal stay, miscommunication of accommodation adressses.

Besides the Zimbabweans, the official said there were eight Chinese, four Bengali and the rest were other nationalities.

The provinces that have detected the largest number of undocumented migrants are Manica with 27, Sofala with five and Nampula with two.

Regarding the upcoming holiday season, Celestino said there were ongoing inspection actions to ensure greater control of the entry and exit of people in the country.

“At this time, the migratory movement in the posts is still stable and SENAMI, in conjunction with other security forces, is preparing the festive season coverage plan, and the movement is expected to start intensifying later this month.” Matsinhe said.


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