Mozambique: Lithuania, Philippines tighten business cooperation

APA-Maputo (Mozambique)

Lithuania and the Philippines have expressed their interest to increase business cooperation with Mozambique.

The will was expressed in separate meetings held between the Confederation of Economic Associations (CTA) and the ambassadors of both countries.

Addressing a media briefing in Maputo on Thursday, CTA deputy chairman Eder Pale said about Lithuania that “they are good experts in IT solutions and the creation of software for the development of transport infrastructures and more to the banking level. That is why Mozambique wants to take advantage of this potential, "he said.
He added that the central objective of CTA is to develop business with Lithuania for the improvement and promotion of local business.
Lithuanian ambassador Siguté Jakstonyté said her country intends to identify business opportunities in Mozambique, and to bring solutions that can technologically develop the country.
"Mozambique being a promising tourist potential and a potential oil and gas exporter, we intend to bring IT solutions IT solutions and some start-up programmes that can enhance and provide an essential tool for Mozambique to develop in terms of technology," he said.
The ambassador also expressed her interest in promoting a meeting between Mozambican entrepreneurs and their counterparts in Lithuania to bring about this partnership.
The CTA also received a visit from the Philippine ambassador whose purpose was to discuss matters related to business cooperation.
According to the chairman of the Economic Cooperation and Foreign Affairs Branch, Noor Mohamad, in addition to cooperating with the Philippines in the area of agriculture, the country wants to seek experiences in the area of tourism.
"We know that in that part of the mainland the Philippines is strong, it is good and it has a well prepared climate, we have the same luck here in Mozambique and we want to see how we can make this exchange of Mozambican tourists to the Philippines and vice versa," he said.
Philippine Amassador Gerald Angels said the meeting also discussed support for agriculture in Mozambique to stimulate rice production.
In addition to the agricultural sector, the Philippines has interest in fisheries and industrial activity.


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