Mozambique suspends new visas for Chinese nationals over Coronavirus fears

APA-Maputo (Mozambique)

Mozambique has suspended the issuance of visas to Chinese citizens as part of measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic that has already killed scores of people in the Asian country, cabinet spokesperson Helena Kida announced late on Tuesday.

The Coronavirus outbreak that began in the central Chinese city of Wuhan in the province of Hubei, has killed 106 people in China and infected more than 4,520 globally, most of them in China.

Kida told journalists in the capital Maputo following a cabinet meeting that the suspension of issuance of visas is a preventative aimed at minimize the harmful effects that the Coronavirus may cause in the country.

“It was addressed in this session and one of the measures is the suspension of visas,” Kida said.

She revealed that no Mozambican nationals living in China have so far been infected with the virus.

“Until today, the information we had is that there was no Mozambican in China infected with this virus,” she said.

Wuhan and almost all of Hubei province have been isolated from the world since last week as part of measures by Chinese authorities to try to stop the spread of the epidemic. Almost 56 million inhabitants are confined.

The move left thousands of foreigners stranded in the region.

Many countries have stepped up border precautions. Mongolia closed the land crossing with China.

The virus has caused alarm because it is still too early to know how dangerous it is and how easily it spreads between people.

Chinese officials say its incubation period could range from one to 14 days, and it is infectious during that time.


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