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    Mozambique, Zimbabwe keen to stop river pollution

    APA-Maputo (Mozambique)

    The government departments in Mozambique's central Manica and Zimbabwe's Manicaland provinces are studying mechanisms to combat illegal gold mining and river pollution in both countries.

    The idea is to stop the pollution of rivers, especially on the side of Mozambique, a problem that has put at risk the health of the population and with negative impact on the agro-livestock activity.

    This was said by the provincial director of Mineral Resources in Manica, Silva Manuel, in an interview with APA on Wednesday.

    “Many rivers begin in Zimbabwe and it is where activity is most practiced and we receive polluted waters here. Work is under way to bring the two provinces together and see how we can eliminate this practice".

    Thousands of unemployed Zimbabweans have turned to illegal gold panning in a bid to survive the country’s economic difficulties, leaving a trail of destruction that has alarmed farmers, timber plantation owners and the country’s environmental authorities at home and in Mozambique.

    Peasant miners have set up makeshift mines on farmland and timber plantations in the country’s eastern provinces, which border Mozambique where gold fetches a higher price.

    According to the official, miners report that buyers in Zimbabwe pay around $30 per gram of gold, while buyers in Mozambique were paying double at around $60 per gram.


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