Nairobi Summit resolves to empower women and girls


The International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD25) came to a close in Nairobi on Thursday with a strong resolve to eradicate vices that have retarded women and girls empowerment across the globe.

The conference dubbed ‘The Nairobi Summit on ICPD25: Accelerating the  promise’ and which attracted more than 9500 participants from more than  170 countries offered an inclusive platform, bringing together  governments, UN agencies, civil societies, private sector organizations,  women’s groups and youth networks.

Speaking  when he officially closed the three-day conference in Nairobi, Kenya's  Deputy President William Ruto said the meeting had unanimously agreed on  triple zero on family planning, maternal deaths and gender-based violence.

“The conference  has unanimously agreed to ensure zero unmet for family planning, zero  preventable maternal deaths as well as zero gender based violence and  harmful practices against women, girls and the youth,” said Ruto.

He  said Kenya would continue to work hard to protect the rights of women  and girls as well as promote their empowerment programs.

Ruto  said he was encouraged by the consensus that has emerged that advancing  women's rights and well being goes a long way in unlocking the social  power that is needed to power positive economic and political  transformation.

“Investing  in women and girls is good as an end in itself, but also yields  tremendous dividends that accelerate sustainable development in terms of  reducing inequality, poverty and unemployment and generating continuous  economic growth,” he said.

Dr  Ruto singled out access to secondary and tertiary education, more rapid  reduction in maternal deaths, and the total elimination of FGM and  child marriages as some of the areas that the government was  prioritizing. 

The Deputy  President added that acceleration of equal participation by women in  all spheres of social, political and economic endeavour was also part of  the government's efforts to empower women.

"This  focus will require stronger partnerships with other governments,  development partners, civil society, private sector, religious  communities and most critically, women and youth organisations," said  Ruto. 

"Our commitments  are intrinsic components of our constitutional dispensation and national  socioeconomic transformation blueprint," he added. 

He  called for concerted effort in the fight against gender based violence,  maternal deaths, female genital mutilation, early marriage as well as  unemployment, poor school enrollment, transition and completion and  inadequate skills.

"We  realize that the strength of our commitments to the ICPD Action Plan is  commensurate with the speed of attainment of the Sustainable Development  Goals. We are building a society that reflects these commitments in  every sphere of endeavour and economic endeavour,” he said.

He  said the focus would require stronger partnerships with other  governments, development partners, civil society, private sector,  religious communities and most critically, women and youth  organisations. 

“Our  commitments are intrinsic components of our constitutional dispensation  and national socioeconomic transformation blueprint,” he said.


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