NDjaména launches fresh operation against Boko Haram

APA-NDjaména (Chad)

The Chadian army on Monday launched a military operation dubbed “Colère de Boma” against Boko Haram insurgents on the islands of Lake Chad.

By Adam Hassane Deyé

 This operation is under the direct coordination of Chadian leader, Idriss Déby.

 “We launched Operation Colère de Boma. We must defeat terrorism to allow our people and especially those of Lake Chad to live in peace. This is the whole meaning of the fight that our valiant soldiers are waging against the fanatics of Boko Haram,” said Déby, under a tent set up a few kilometres from the combat zone.


The operation is named after the locality attacked in late March by elements of Boko Haram and which caused the death of about 100 members of the Chadian army.


The services of the General Staff of the Armed Forces claim that large numbers of soldiers are deployed in the lake area 5 km from the enemy position.



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