NGOs in Chad under new state regulations

APA-N’Djamena (Chad) By Adam Hassane Deyé

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) present in Chad must now operate according to the guidelines set out by the state as they give more responsibility to citizens among their staff, a decree issued Wednesday by the minister of Economy and Development Planning, Issa Doubragne says.

With a view to implementing their program or financing their projects, NGOs must follow the guidelines of the government and refrain from investing in some localities to the detriment of others, the decree points out.

It says the Chadian government is committed to providing NGOs with a work environment conducive to achieving their goals.

Thus, according to the minister, NGOs will be able to enjoy free movement across the country, the issuance of visas for their expatriates and access to information.

Emphasising that this new decree focuses on the legal framework governing the activities of NGOs, Issa Doubragne said that the first decree that dates back to 1989 had become "obsolete and static whereas it should have evolved according to the circumstances and new context in order to respond effectively to the new development requirements and those related to the different humanitarian crises that Chad has experienced.”

The minister added that the previous decree had shortcomings and gaps that should be addressed in order to strengthen the sovereign powers of the state in monitoring, oversight, coordination and organization of activities of international NGOs.

On the basis of this, the new decree insists, among other things, on the recruitment, accountability, training of national staff, asserting the need for proper treatment concerning them.


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