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    Nigeria appeals against stigmatisation of nationals over Ebola virus

    APA – Lagos (Nigeria)

    The Nigerian government has urged the countries which have been stigmatising Nigerian travelers over the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak to stop doing so because it is not in line with global best practices and that none of its citizens have exported the virus to any country.

    Nigeria’s Minister of Health, Professor Onyebuchi Chukwu, told an international press conference on Monday in Abjua during the 50 days since Ebola was imported into Nigeria by a Liberian-American that the reported placing of Nigerian travelers, including a journalist, on quarantine by the government of Cuba was surprising. “The only case from Cuba concerns a journalist working with a newspaper which was very surprising. But as a responsible ministry, we have already written formally to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help us investigate the case. “We treat individual cases that way but when it comes to what we do generally, I think it is education we are giving. That is how it is done in civilised countries. We continue to appeal to countries and individuals not to profile or stigmatise anyone on account of the Ebola disease,” he said. The minister noted that some countries have continued to selectively quarantine Nigerian travelers without any health or scientific basis, adding that no single Nigerian as of now has introduced Ebola virus disease to any country. He assured that Nigeria would continue to support protocols approved by the WHO, which do not support the closure of borders, do not restrict travel, and do not stigmatise anyone on the basis of the passport that one carries.


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