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    Nigerian ruling party plans to sack non-members in government

    APA-Abuja (Nigeria)

    After three years in the saddle, Nigeria’s ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has resolved that all non-members of the party who are heading government’s agencies would be fired.

    The party said that the officials were sabotaging Federal Government and the party’s change agenda.

    The National Chairman of the party, Mr. Adams Oshiomhole, said henceforth, the party would no longer appoint non-members to oversee federal agencies.

    Oshiomhole said this in Abuja, while addressing the party’s newly elected National Executives of the 39 member non National Working Committee (NWC).

    He noted that a lot of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) members were still occupying important positions in federal agencies under the APC-led Federal Government, adding that they must be weeded out.

    “We have a duty to do everything possible to purge them out of the system because we are a party of change and they are the conservative right wing party.

    “We cannot entrust to conservative forces an agenda for change, government is not in the villa, villa is the head of government.

    “Government is in the agencies, what they do, how they do it, the quality of service delivery and the style of that service delivery,’’ he said.

    He said the party owed it a duty to convince the Federal Executive Council (FEC) that the government had no business maintaining PDP members in sensitive federal agencies and using their old tactics in service delivery.

    The APC national chairman said the party’s executives must work consciously to ensure that in replacing such PDP members holding federal appointments, it must replace “sinners with believers’’.

    He explained that believers were card carrying members of the APC.

    Oshiomhole affirmed that before the party goes outside its family to appoint anyone, it must be convinced that the person it was engaging had a particular expertise, which was not within the party.

    According to him, APC promises must be kept by APC activists, at managerial level, board level and at political levels.


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